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you realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. because i'm laura mr. peter to believe the repetition of.
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what a test nobody seems to know. that never break the face quite hard the argument that they're being overly dramatic. it's time for you said it i read it take time to respond to my brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you tube because when you've got something to say i listen now first of all respond to your that watched our story about the f.t. thieve slap on the wrist settlement with facebook last week which didn't actually roll back any of the privacy incursions that facebook has already made hard knuckles that commented on you tube and said there's nothing private about facebook there's nothing private about the internet so don't complain if you want privacy
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don't post anything on the internet now i would agree with our viewer here that many things we post on the internet are not private but what facebook does that is fundamentally dishonest and illegal is mislead its users about their privacy is the face of markets itself to users as a social network between friends a service that allows you to share information with a select group of people of your choosing not with advertisers or the general public but in two thousand and nine facebook decided to simply blow whatever privacy and security existed on the site to shreds they didn't war users of their friends list and other information becomes public when it transitioned to a new privacy model in december of two thousand and nine they also didn't mention the apps could request access to almost any piece of user data even though facebook said that they could only access data that they need to operate the friends only privacy settings still allow data to be accessed by third party apps used by friends hoops verified as throw graham didn't actually verify the security of apps and a security bug caused facebook to absolutely share personal data with advertisers
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when it promised it would now to put the cherry on top the content on deactivated and deleted accounts could still be accessed despite claims to the contrary so yeah while the internet is a public forum companies like facebook who actively mislead their users about the level of privacy at the site provides should be held accountable period and the f.t.c. . well to do that and next on respond to a viewer that watched my interview with fire dog lake david day and on whether or not there was the political will needed to save the e.u. mt dickinson said on facebook why save something that was never wanted by the people to begin with now it's very true the e.u. experiment was not always a popular one even the beginning mastered treaty which created the was not all liked across the khan of it was rejected at first in denmark in june of one thousand nine hundred two only to be accepted in a second vote in may of one thousand nine hundred three after choosing to opt out of the monetary union like the u.k. and france a barely passed by a margin of fifty point four percent to forty nine point seven percent in germany
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it was sent to the constitutional court which in the end the voting yes and the u.k. it eats through parliament under unprecedented pressure so while it's safe to say the e.u. experiment was one hatched in the mind of a few wise men pushed onto the people of europe at this point it just might be too big to fail not saving the euro at this point means a lot of pain and suffering for a lot of people and not only in europe now finally i want to respond to a kind of you or liberty in an arcade way to that us russia today i recommended to people who don't believe whatever they're told and more importantly to those who do at r.t. dot com and at the alone a show so thank you for the recommendation i like to think that my finest not only challenging the m.s.m. but also all of our preconceived notions about how the world works that's of my ranting today but i'll be back with more as usual later in the week. the sky. the light will come down. so must you why are you going to be singing.
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all right so tonight we have a glimmer of hope from senator ron wyden he is fighting tooth and nail to make sure the two bills that he's spoken about at length on this show the senate's protect ip act and the house version sopa never see the light of day how these two bills would transform the internet as we know it or some analysts say simply. break it by putting an unprecedented amount of power in the government's hands to censor all the protect ip act what allow the attorney general to create a blacklist of sites that they see as engaging in infringing activities to be blocked by as people search engines paying the providers and advertising networks all without a court hearing or trial sopa goes even further by lowering the threshold of who can actually be held liable like i a species and search engines and it's being fought by a very powerful coalition from the e.f.-s. and the a.c.l.u. to almost every big name on the internet from google to yahoo to a.o.l. it's like an outcry across the country but the thing is that these bills are being championed by congress his favorite lobby the entertainment industry so now why did
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who put the protect ip act on hold originally is according to wired going so far as to look for an alternative to these two bills saying in an interview you can strike a balance here between people who are concerned about copyright infringement and those who are concerned about the future of the internet in that spirit has gathered a group of lawmakers from both parties to have a discussion about alternatives to sopa and the protect the just find a plan to getting the congressional created international trade commission more heavily involved with combating piracy and the sale of counterfeit goods right now i t c which is an independent wise i judicial federal agency only has power over the regulation of hard goods so why didn't his way digital good imports would be included in its jurisdiction this would allow them to expand their purview to combat piracy and other judicial crimes and ideas just in its inception there is no word that either congress or the obama administration would even be on board both of which have been quite friendly with the are a on the n.p.a.
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in the past but for the time being any alternative plan that prevents lawmakers from passing the protect ip act and so as a step in the right direction and having the us out of there is dedicated to making sure the government doesn't have the power to create a blacklist of websites and i think that's truly a glimmer of hope. a presidential pardon is one of the few royal powers carried over from the british monarchy inserted into the constitution by the founding fathers to give the president and the president alone the power to grant some mercy and right the wrongs of our justice system which let's face it those wrongs happen a lot and while part of doesn't wipe away conviction it does restore a person's full rights to vote to possess firearms and to serve on federal jury so i guess you could say let's you be a normal functioning member of society again rather than a second class citizen as so many have become that serve time in our prison system but these days is the pardon system itself really fair and just or does it work for those that have friends in high places who can afford it or who ever certain race probably goes relief an extensive report statistically analyzing nearly five
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hundred pardon applications during the bush administration and here's what they found white applicants were nearly four times as likely to receive pardons as all minorities combined applicants with a member of congress in their corner or three times as likely to win a pardon is those without such backing and marital and financial stability of applicants plays a very heavy role in the financial in the final decision so is that just another sign that our justice system isn't exactly fair and what can be done to fix it her disgust with me is kevin zeese president of commonsense for drug policy he's also an organizer of occupy washington d.c. kevin thanks so much for joining and common sense for drug problems we know you all want to tell you whether you have somebody here that you know will try a different out every time you come out of the show let's start with just what the fundamentals right what it is to have a presidential pardon i mean i think it's a pretty interesting thing about a lot of power in the hands of the president and they try to do what they can especially since the clinton administration to hand it over to the official pardon
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attorney's office so it doesn't look like there's any political involvement here because at the end of the day you're always going to get judged for who you did pardon who you didn't pardon but itself is this is going to process that you think can be removed from being seen as a political move it's tough to you know get some of the pardons. i think under-utilized presidents the united states has a gigantic prison population we have two million people behind bars we have five percent of the world's population twenty five percent of those prisoners there's a lot of injustice throughout the system especially based on race and so if the president really wanted to use the pardon system to to create justice to be a lot more aggressively using is currently being used it wouldn't be used for people who happen to have a political connections that so often happens but in that sense do you think that by using the presidential pardon system you know gives the impression that wrongs in the justice system are being righted while nothing's actually being done to go to the brink in the court the problem well my hope would be that if you saw the president using the pardon system that there would be an opportunity for us to see
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that there are justices a kind of a reality check you know a real look at the mirror of what our justice is like there is something seriously wrong with the country where you have two million people behind bars where you have you know twenty five percent of the world's prisoners in the land of the free there's something seriously wrong there so i think that we have a lot of it just i know when i worked in the as a lawyer in the in the court system i could see the ghetto justice of many many of our courts and the black and white differences so to speak and you could see at every step of the process how race is a factor right from the beginning with the police making decision when i had to arrest somebody with the prosecutor's musician on whether to prosecute and how to prosecute and what the judges in their sentencing decisions and with probation and parole officer and there is and in fact even begins the legislative branch president and vice president by the fact that the effort to you know put in place the crack powder crack powder disparity where crack was treated more harshly than powder you could say
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a black and white drug powder cocaine versus crack cocaine that's been repealed why is it president obama for example when they were killed by the way they didn't look backward to correct the injustices so why didn't president obama just look at the crack sentencing and say the congress is now fixed this mistake that my vice. i happen to have pushed forward and we should create a justice for those people who have been over sentenced we have a lot of serious problems the sentencing of crack it affects the commune with this kind of sentencing when affects the black community sadly it affects the community it affects kids growing up without without a parent who's incarcerated it affects the economic prospects for families has a major major effect so we really need to rethink our prison system of courses of that's one of the things here right is that the found in this investigation is that not only when it comes to race or there are disparities but also you are judged by what your marital status is by whether you have any debts you know because you can't you can't be an applicant for apart until five years after you serve your term right so often what happens for somebody when they've made it out of the just
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out of the prison system is that it's really hard to get a job it's hard to pay your bills you're probably more apt to file for bankruptcy so do you think those are things that really should be taken into account well i mean there could be minor fractures i think more if you look you know as the individual case in the what what the what the charges were what the sentence what the legislative where this was a legislative statute fair was the prosecution fair was there any kind of unfair or just discrimination in that process there's enough to look at before you get to someone's debts and of course we get some of that so you get to very much a class dispute and you know that will obviously help those who have money and those that don't will be hurt by well that's the other thing here right is that if you have somebody who is in congress who happens to write a letter for you that automatically you get bumped up the ladder i guess you could say up the list and your chances increase it greatly of actually getting one of these presidential pardon so do you see more of this this ninety nine percent this occupy you know rhetoric actually falling into place here how it applies everywhere in our society oh that's is our. you. know that we actually
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done the ninety nine percent both the occupations of washington is there is to the very simple as what you reported earlier in the freedom plaza which i'm at both these occupations have done multiple actions around about the mass incarceration issue. we both do want to get the last friday focused on wells fargo and the private private prison industry which even takes it to another level of corporatization of holding people in prison that's another whole another level the right level of problems and so yes this is definite one of those die now present issues we see the corruption in our culture affecting all aspects of government including the courts and the prosecutorial system and that this what we're talking about tonight is one aspect of how the courts this is been corrupted so if we just focus on this one aspect too for a minute how do you go about fixing fixing the presidential pardon system it's not very transparent that's why as you say the most important is transparency i think you have transparency in standards and and you know so it's so you people know what they're getting into and they have some standards but you know you know the process
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is and you also you do kind of avoid the. campaign donors connections to administrations you see that happen in previous administrations where campaign donors or their friends and family get extra special is an example of that. brought that one up so i think more transparency helpful you know less potent connections be important you could even why you don't have a congressional leader i mean let's look at the facts of the case is an injustice does it deserve a pardon that's really what these are these should be about and we have a lot of injustice so i think it's an opportunity for us or a rethink the whole justice system which is filled with injustice and for the fear is that you as the don't know essentially this entire process of reviewing the applications is done in a very secretive matter and then if you're denied the pardon they don't even really give you an explanation as to why can't i wrap it up thank you very much for joining us tonight all right. just ahead tonight the donald is that again the discuss the presidential elections come on that are full of times and then coming up in happy hour and you plan it's been found it's very similar to our mother earth
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will show you one of the expensive car graduates you've ever seen. you there still believe the ref you know. what a protester nobody seems to know. that never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else some other part of it and realize that everything in. our world
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is a big. blow
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to the counseling i'm lauren lyster. guys it's time for guys to all time award and tonight we're giving it to the donald donald trump has been chosen to host a g.o.p. debate on december twenty seventh and i what now this debate which is sponsored by the conservative media group newsmax is that's take place a week before the iowa caucuses and although the event was just announced to the candidates a few of the candidates of already r.s.v.p. newt gingrich said for sure he be there however jon huntsman and ron paul both declined the invite so one trump came on the today show this morning to pimp his i was thinking and of latest book well he didn't waste much time bashing huntsman and
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paul. and paul and jon huntsman have already said they won't be there ron paul says it's beneath the office of the presidency he went on to say it contributes to a quote unwanted circus like atmosphere i think most candidates are going to join and i think those two candidates are being elected so it makes no difference but ron paul as an example says you know iran should have nuclear weapons or can have nuclear weapons i think that they are joking and today it's i did doing very poorly that's right he said that ron paul is just a joke now trump things to look at how his role affects politics his role i mean because it seems that maybe the joke is on him you see trump's endorsements aren't exactly what a candidate needs to reach the top in fact evidence from polls shows that trump's endorsements actually hurt candidates something that he didn't much care at the skies when he was asked about it while he was doing the rounds on the morning news shows i know that polls i know a lot about a study polls at the wharton school of finance then you can ask the question you mean to tell me if somebody's going to be worse off if i endorse them i don't think
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so because i have a huge following of people that are tired of seeing our country ripped off like china and opec and virtually every other nation and i don't really think that you believe that somebody is worse off if i give them because i have a big following of people because they're just tired of seeing what's going on with this country. now i guess the crowd has been keeping up in the news recently because a recent poll from the des moines register shows that ron paul is in second place in iowa with eighteen percent he's actually in front of mitt romney only a sixteen percent of support for iowa caucus goers and his support is quietly grown in fact it's gone up by six points since that same poll was conducted back in october however you probably won't hear much about that because as we all know the media's conveniently totally dismissed ball during this entire election season but they did manage to do plenty of coverage today on trump's role in the upcoming debates. the doll is preparing to moderate his first debate it will happen in des
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moines iowa the summer the twenty seventh just a week before the iowa caucus is donald trump is a republican candidate so he's opting for another role in the campaign debate moderator. it's still boggles me that the media obsesses over the donald all he does is get all ornery on television pinball his latest projects yeah he's a good businessman but when it comes to politics the whole different story but the media cannot seem to differentiate between the two is the one trump declares some absurd comment about political candidates well they just take that news and run with it nobody bothers to tell trump that his stats are wrong because whether or not the media pays enough attention to ron paul he's still making an impact in the current g.o.p. field so for bashing ron paul calling it a joke just because he's not going to the newsmax debate when in fact he's a lot more pumped popular than trump indorsements donald trump is tonight's told time winner.
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ok it's time for happy hour finally and joining me tonight is r t producer jenny churchill and mike riggs as the editor at reason that asean and reason dot com hey guys you know they go on good want to talk about us ammo dot com you will not believe the ad that they just put out basically looking at a bunch of countries where a genocide is committed saying that happened after armed controls are put into place and that's what's going to happen if obama states president take a look. i am . unfortunately video was like four minutes long so we couldn't cut the best parts where they're doing you know really sad images of people obviously i don't know
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living for genocide just sad little faces that are starving and stuff i mean really i mean i'm actually a huge fan of the guns and stuff but republicans have been just as bad you know i mean nixon called guns an abomination ronald reagan passed mulford act which banned the open carry in california mostly because of black people george bush started the assault weapons ban you know rudy giuliani in new york sued gun manufacturers i'm not sure this is an obama thing a focus is done anything we know how are you going to be voters because you said guns on the mexico just the border crossing our borders so that you think obama clearly looks. is totally awesome and fine and tell they make the obama comparison i have to say i think they have a point that you know we're not done for genocide is you get rid of everyone's guns and render the population up let's step two is you kill them all but i don't see any who are a little chance of what's going on today and it's just it's marketing based on fear they just want people to be afraid that that could happen and literally at the end
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of that out it's like hurry now but i hear them for temporary minutes it goes on like you're saying but with gun cost five ninety nine this coming so i can see the nothing that actually happened obama hasn't done anything to her gun and i just get so sick of these arguments that are made to scare people same thing with all these horrible regulations that obama is putting on businesses when really there aren't that many of them let's move on to the next story shall we this is something that the u.s. ambassador to belgium said it which is now getting a lot of flack for being called anti-semitic of course some people are even calling for him to step down. it's attention and perhaps even the hatred largely borne out and reflecting that species between israel and the palestinian territories and neighboring arab states in middle east. over the continuing this is really. right so what he was saying there is that there's a difference between traditional anti-semitism and certain anti-semitism that comes
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you know from you could say muslim countries based on israeli policy which i think is something that is valuable you know a good discussion you can actually have but this just proves how much you can't ever actually bring anything like that up because immediately there are calls for his resignation yeah i guess the problem is always like whether it what the influence is or what inspires it like how it manifests is pretty much the same which is with people trying to kill jews and rockets being fired into israel and so you can't even matter how much you manifest as long as anti-semitism exists i mean if you want to but that's like saying that that's like saying that it doesn't matter that people become terrorists and attack the us because of our policies in other countries because the result is the same people who unjustly for no reason come over and no i don't is a historical president for anti-semitism has nothing to do with whether or not the jews are actually provoking but you don't have that so that's exactly what he's saying here i think is that there's a complete difference between. hamas yeah yeah actually i mean here's what we
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should never acknowledge that because it's a matter to exert kodaly here and he was you see the same thing when people come out against certain policies we have towards israel suddenly they're accused of being anti-semitic and that's not fair just because you disagree with the policy does not mean that you have a hatred towards an entire people have been here also do you know what i mean when your anxiety about when your anti-war your anti-american and if your support occupy wall street and your anti-capitalism in your anti-american i think in the last years of your anti-war anti israel two. things are tied together if you are bombing the crap out of things like muslim country in the center of the map you must hate israel you know who i was something more of. a. new plan here that kind of resembles earth. take a look so it's a hundred years into the future i'm calling our planet. being cleaned out. one. of.
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our it's a little misleading my intro because that's from wally but i thought that was put in the river here because he was there when it kepler b. twenty two about two point four side the times of earth and how the temperature about twenty two degrees celsius and it's the closest confirmed planet yet to one like ours. how it was i don't know twenty two degrees celsius means i'm an american that's not a very hard line but in berkeley there is no way this is more of the first confirmed plant correct that they're saying that it's actually livable and well they don't know because they don't know if it's made mostly of rock gas or liquids they don't know about in the surface yet but know that the temperatures there are getting a little ahead of themselves so what you're saying is i shouldn't go running around telling everyone who cares let's pollute i found a new planet i mean we're not there yet is that there yeah there are two high was there and it isn't really true here it's true and i don't know why we so well and i
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know there's where you are putting glory in any old i'm not sure because when the car crash ever really quickly i thought about it. crumpled for all reason all the super cause have been smashed to pieces on the motorway in japan there was a huge crush yesterday full seen luxury spools cause crushed into a ferrari streamer sadie's a lamborghini into toyotas the cording to the police wow to be even have to throw the toyota if there was a. female ferrari in a very same club. the sad thing is you not only get hate mail because our viewers know i know they're doing a really great ideas thing or are you actually going to think that chatter to me to damage is three point eight five million dollars i got that much more three twenty five grand more you guys are going to have it i think to do anything that's ever nights thanks for tuning in make sure they come back tomorrow william black former federal banking regulator and author of the best way to rob
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a bank is the only one going to be on the program at any time to get the fan of the auto show on facebook followers on twitter make any of the night here or any other nights you can always catch the you tube dot com what you want to show and coming up next is it. wealthy british style. is not on the title of. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our. world from the financial science technology innovation hall the list i'm elements from around russia we've got the future covered.


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